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You can find basic answers regarding your dental treatment. If you cannot find the topic? Contact US!

Pre-operative Instruction

For any dental treatment, unless directed otherwise, take all the regular medicine like normal day. Depending on the procedure, chewing or eating can be disrupted immediately after the treatment. So please allow your schedule to have some room for recovery.

Post Operative Instructions

After any dental procedure, slight discomfort or dull acheness can be normal. For pain control use over the counter Tylenol or ibuprofen. If the pain or discomfort does not improve in 3~5 days it may be better to let the doctors know your concern.

What is a root canal?

Root canal is a common word that is used in dentistry that prevents or manage infection of the tooth. Root Canal Treatment or Endodontics allows the teeth to not have pathology by going into the tooth and treating inside so the patient does not have pain or future problems. 

Why is my denture loose?

Denture is a replacement of not having teeth but not a great replacement of teeth that comes with number of limitations. As the denture rubs on the bone and gums of the mouth, it promotes the bone underneath the denture to slowly go away. After a while (3~5 yrs), depending on the age and condition of the ridge of the bone, the denture can become loose. Please call if your denture is loose

Why is Digital Implant Better?

The term digital implant does not mean that the fixture or body of the implant that goes into the jawbone is different. It is how the implant surgery is designed and performed that makes the result much predictable and comfortable.

My gum is bleeding, do I have cavity?

It would be very hard to tell based on the information. Usually the gum bleeding happens when there is localized swelling around the gum which is a normal response of our body when there is a localized problem. It maybe a temporary issue, such as popcorn getting caught under the gum or could be a bigger issue that might be a sign of infection under the gum. If you have a bleeding gum, please call the office for exam and xrays.

Does the Root Canal cause Cancer?

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No! Root Canal does not cause cancer directly. In some cases when material, not authorized to use for endodontic treatment is used, it may or may not cause cancer but yet there is no scientific proof or research by a NY respected organization or a person that prooved the causal relationship. It would be very hard to cause cancer based on the material or the method that the Leaf Family Dentistry uses. Please call the office if you need Root Canal treatment.

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