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the sate-of-art technology

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3D Cone Beam CT

Better Diagnosis, Better Result

At Leaf Family Dentistry, we value our patients' concern. We want to take care of our patient using the best technology. 3D CBCT let our doctors diagnose more accurately so the best result can be acheived. 

3D CBCT allows the doctors to diagnose dental pathology earlier and more accurately. This allows doctors to treat dental disease more fast and efficient,

Digital Radiographs

Less radiation, Better quality

Leaf Family Dentistry is a full digital dental office using digital sensors for taking diagnostic radiograph (Xray, panoramic). 

If you are concerned of the radiation dosage during the dental appointments, please ask our staffs about the minimum amount of radiation, these new technology induce.

Digital Impression

forget the dusty powder

If you did not like dental visits due to gagging, drooling and the bad taste of the material, you may not have to take the old rubber impression again.

Trios Scanner is the most accurate dental scanner which allows the result to be more precise and accurate

Individual TV and Netflix

No reason to get bored

At Leaf Family Dentistry, we provide individual TV and netflix program during the treatment. If you worry that you will not have enough time to watch the netflix dramas come down and enjoy the shows while getting your mouth healthier.


Rotary Endodontics

Faster, Easier not your old root canal

Rotary Endodontic instrument allows dentist to perform endodontic treatment, aka ROOT CANAL more efficiently. If you have memory of long and grueling rootcanal treatment, do not worry. Faster and more accurate result warranted.

Schedule an appointment with us today! at Leaf Family Dentistry and find out why the quality of our services is unmatched. Get in touch and learn how we can help you today.

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