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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

What is your new patient procedure?

New patient exam involves taking Xrays or radiographs, going over medical history and extra-oral, intrao-oral exam. Typically takes about 30~45min. If your have no gum disease, regular cleaning can be done at the same time.

Why Do I need X rays even though I have no pain or discomfort?

Dental disease can give patient pain or discomfort only if the disease has progressed to a severe level. In order to prevent or diagnosis the problem early so more extensive damage can be prevented, radiographs or Xrays are essential.

Do you offer free health consultations?

Dentists nowadays get trained to understand and identify possible health issues especially related to the dental health. The conditions that are identified to be suspicious will be explained and will be recommended to seek physicians consultation for proper diagnosis

What toothpaste should I use?

There are so many toothpastes on the market and it could be quite frustrating to find the right one. The purpose of the toothpaste is to make the cleaning more efficiently and to provide fluoride to the dentition. If you can find ADA seal on the product it would be a good start no matter the brand.

Do I still have to pay even though I have insurance?

Dental insurance has evolved to have very wide array of plans. Most of the plans will pay for regular exam and cleaning but most dental procedures may not get covered even though the plan may include coverage. Even with coverage most insurance nowadays have copay ranging from 20~80%. If you are unsure of your plan, our insurance coordinator will be happy to explain and make you understand your insurance.

Do I need antibiotics? I have an abscess

Dental pain can be very painful or at least very annoying. Most patients percieve having discomfort as having abscessed tooth. Most of the time antibiotic is not needed unless there is obvious signs of swelling. Taking antibiotics without taking care of the source of the problem will make issues worse in the long run. Please come visit us if you have any concerns.

What is a Deep cleaning and why can I not get a regular cleaning

Prophy or regular cleaning is performed on the healthy gum or teeth with very mild plaque or calculus. When the teeth and gums around the teeth get exposed to harmful bacteria and deposits(plaque and calculus) for a long time bleeding occurs and chronic inflammation occurs leading to tooth loss. Scaling and Root planing is a starting process in order to clean and heal the tissue. Unfortunately it needs multiple visits to have it back to healthy state.

I don't have insurance yet but I am having Pain. Should I come or is it better to wait until I get my insurance?

Even though it is not that common, dental emergency can become a medical emergency. Instead of taking the risk Leaf Family Dentistry offers low fee emergency exam and radiograph for patients. Please contact the office  in order to find out if the emergency can wait.

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