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Emergency Dentistry

Trusting the knowledge when it matters the most

At Leaf Family Dentistry we understand the horror and fear of our patients when dental emergency happens. Please give us a call to schedule an emergency exam to have proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Dental Surgery


Broken tooth or toothache

At Leaf Family Dentistry, we will use state of the art technology to diagnose the source of the problem and find the best option to take care of the problem. 

Prior to any surgery, unique medical conditions of our patient will be assessed and reviewed by our Doctors.

When other options are not feasible, extraction will be recommended. Dental extraction can be painful but doctors in Leaf Family Dentistry strive for a gentle and caring approach to only give minimum discomfort. 

In order to preserve the extraction site from further destruction, bone graft and tissue plastic surgery will be offered when necessary. For ideal esthetic result, doctors at Leaf Family Dentistry will give you the options for better result

Root Canal Treatment

Dental Surgery

Non-surgical Endodontic treatment

When the nerve inside the tooth gets invaded by germs or infection forms around the tooth. endodontic treatment is needed (commonly known as Root Canal). At Leaf Family Dentistry we use state of the art endodontic instruments to measure and clean the complex canal system. Apex locator along with 3D CBCT will be used for diagnosing and the reciprocal motorized instrument will be utilized for our patients faster recovery and comfort.

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