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Materials we use in office has some STYLE (MUST READ if you are First Visitor)

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

There are millions of dental product out there cost cheap and from Grey market that are not FDA approved.

We'd like to share some of our products and materials we use in the office because it matters (that's what goes into your mouth!)

First, let me say this, our office DO NOT use anything that is cheap or from grey market!!

I'd like to go over some instruments and materials we use the most to do basic fillings and crowns in your mouth.

Our composite resin filling instruments are made from Italy.

We got some European style and we do take times to do our works in your mouth.

Bioclear is the only company that makes prefabricated shell to make your teeth as natural contour as possible. I guarantee that possibly only 1 out of every 50 offices in DFW use this special matrix system.

Dr.Sung showing off our fancy instruments for fillings.

Our composite resin is from Japan.

which is the winner of composite for 2019 and 10 years consecutive winners in composite category.

this is magazine from "Dentistry's Today" in March edition that Dr.Sung took picture today.

Dr.Sung recently went to DentalXP Symposium in Miami, FL last month and one of lecture covers effects of foods cause staining in your filling.

Those six filling materials are top six high-end composite materials that are very expensive and shows best results.

and guess who is the winner :)

this is type of cement we use to cement permanent crown and bonding agent used to apply tooth before composite resin is applied.

If Bioclear Matrix band system is the best for anterior teeth, we use this new system for our posterior teeth.

not to mention our digital technology.

our CBCT machine that takes 3D CT scan, panoramic x-rays and one shot ceph takes x-ray less than one second for ortho patient.

Trio Scanner is the most accurate and fast scanner that exists in current market.

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