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Missing full mouth? it's okay. let us take care of you in the most safe way to get your teeth back.

One of great fear getting implant surgery is that fear of pain/swelling/blood.

If you are familiar with our digital flow to prepare implant surgery, we first take CBCT scan and Digital impression to make 3D virtual mouth.

Then, we carefully examine vital structure of nerve and blood vessel, and do virtual implant surgery with computer.

After careful design, we 3D print surgical guide made from our virtual surgery.

Patient come in on surgery date and hopeless teeth from periodontal disease removed.

Implants are placed WITHOUT dissecting gums.

Some bones were missing so we had to do GBR (bone graft) to preserve the implant area and did some suture.

How long did the surgery took?

less than 30 mins and no worry about damaging nerve or blood vessel.

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